Power of Praise

Vision and Word:  The Map of the Middle East is Changing, Do we know the power of our praise?

"Let God arise and His enemies be scattered."  Psalm 68:1

I have had a repeated vision of the Middle East for four days, appearing daily.  On the 4th day it suddenly changed.  In seeking the Lord about it, we received a prophetic word that confirmed it from Rick Ridings.
     On Sunday morning,  while in a particularly powerful time of worship, I raised my hands and shut my eyes.  Suddenly, I had a vision like a satellite view of the Middle East looking towards the east towards Iraq, Iran, Syria.  Along Iraq's border was a line of angels that extended to other surrounding countries.  Behind the angels was a mass of darkness.  The angels were facing outwards with eyes wide open looking towards the West.  As I raised my hands in worship, some of the angels turned and disappeared into the darkness.  As they did so, the line of angels closed ranks causing the line to shift to keep them shoulder to shoulder.  The darkness also changed shape as angels turned into it and to accommodate the change in the angelic line.  It was as if the borders were shifting.  I heard the Lord say, "you don't know the power of your worship."  The thought stunned me, but as I continued to worship, I could see the shift of the borders with other angels turning into the darkness.  It was as if they were waiting for their orders and praise was releasing them.  
Day 2:   The following morning in our prayer room, during a time of rather poignant, heartfelt worship and praise, I lifted my hands again, and saw the same vision.  Others joined in the effort with intensifying worship.  As we did so, the borders and line of angels shifted, though they continued to look to the west. 
Day 3:  The following morning, I had the same vision repeated throughout the day.  
Day 4:  In the prayer room, the vision had changed.  The angels were still there in line across the borders, but much fewer in number.  They held large swords with outstretched arms that criss-crossed between them making a fence like connection between angels.  No longer were angels moving into the darkness behind them.  They stood still, swords gleaming with eyes focused to the West.  One of the angels had a banner across its chest.  The tails of which waved in the wind.  The banner had Iraq across its front.  Though fewer in number, there was a strength and firmness in their stance, like a fence on the borders.
     What is the take-home message in this:  We cannot underestimate the power of our praise and worship in these turbulent times.  Nor can we underestimate the war we are in.  In these increasingly difficult times, complacency is as dangerous as terrorism and Isis.  The angels had very clear bright eyes and were on the alert, focused towards the west.  It was as if the angels were waiting for their orders and praise released their assignments from heaven.  In the midst of the darkness, God is releasing His divine intervention through praise and worship.  The problems are too big for us, for our human minds to deal with.  Praise and worship put the problems under His feet.  He has a host of angels at His command to release to do His will on earth as it is in heaven.  The messages He is releasing through our praise carry fulfillment of His Word to the earth.  
    The swords in the last vision, were gleaming and sharp.  The angels were much fewer.  The others were gone.  Their was a sense of finality in their stance.  The swords were key in the sense of security.  The sword is the Word of God.  There will be a season of great shift and change in the Middle East, all of which are happening for the fulfillment of God's Word.  It is final and secure.  Within the border of God's Word there is safety.  What we see may be dismaying in our natural eyes.  But in the mess, look for the message in God's Word.  It is there.  He is watching over it and it is security for the turbulence we see around us.  
      Let PRAISE arise and His enemies be scattered.  God is watching over His Word.  The map of the Middle East is being re-drawn for fulfillment of His Word...our praise will make all the difference.  
   "So it was, whenever the ark set out, that Moses said, "Rise O Lord! Let your enemies be scattered, and let those who hate You flee before You!"
On the alert,
Sue Rowe
PS:  I sense Jeremiah 51 is very significant now...can see the scriptures playing out before our very eyes.  Give us eyes of the watchman Oh God, that we may know the times and the seasons.