Opportunities to Engage

Global Watch: Call to the Wall:  
The trumpet has sounded for the watchmen in the nations!  It's time to rise and build the ramparts/walls of prayer for spiritual awakening, transformation, and preparation of an alert and ready bride.  The walls Nehemiah restored and built allowed people to walk, communicate and consequently defend the city of Jerusalem.  Without these walls, Jerusalem was defenseless.  Today, we are in similar times.  The walls of prayer that bridge and build our cities and nations need to be built up.  Times are escalating in intensity requiring stronger connections, relationships  and communication for united prayer, intervention and action.  We invite your participation to mobilize your region/nation to rise and build. Click here for more information.  

11:55 Initiative
We are living in extraordinary and critical times.  We need to be connected to one another relationally and together prepare for what is coming.  You are invited to join Christians around the globe to unite in prayer at 11:55 am every day for five minutes.  Stop what you are doing, focus on the Lord, listen to what He is saying to you, and finish with the Lord's Prayer at 12 noon.  Pray specifically, with urgency, and expect results.  Whether you are an individual or represent a Network, church, ministry/organization, house of prayer/prayer watch or small group you are encouraged to join in this united effort.

The Nehemiah Project
Help us build and connect houses of prayer.  Whether you have a small home group focused on prayer and worship or larger center for prayer, we want to connect with you.  The trumpet is sounding!  The hour has come to move from the "Watchman Call" to the "Watchman Response."  The times are requiring a greater collaboration and connectedness to meet the challenges of the day.    It is a Nehemiah "Trumpet Call," The work is great and extensive and we are separated far from one another on the wall.  Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet,  rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.  Nehemiah 4:19-20.  In the midst of the upheavals, the bride is coming forth.  From facilitating a region, to joining in strategic initiatives, to developing effective communication, to sharing revelation, to strategic missions and prayer journeys, you can be a part.  Contact us for further information.

The Million Village Challenge: Vision 2020
Through prayer, partnership and collaboration, join in reaching the least and last with real help and hope.  95% of unreached peoples will be reached by national champions partnering or collaborating with groups like yours!! From 100's of organizations engaging the poorest of the poor to be self-sustaining in business, job creation, clean water, food security, health education, school for every child and skill development for workers to become self led and self-propagating.  Invite a poverty challenge/business sphere consultation to your country by contacting business sphere or poverty challenge leaders.

Transforming the Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea
Taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea. Raising up kingdom well drilling business's to fund the prayer movement. Our vision is to establish more House's of Prayer, more medical clinic's for the poor, more well drilling business's, more solar light business's. Lets empower more jobless men and women! $25,000.00 US will send a well drill machine and Transform an entire Island! No more fetching water from rivers. Thousands of children can for the first time in their lives have clean drinking water in villages with no electricity or running water and be trained up to serve in local Houses of Prayer.  click here to join in the effort.


Mission 111:  
Exciting News! More campuses are opening everywhere in pursuit of finishing the assignment!  We believe, it should be a birthright for every person to hear the gospel at least one time in their life.  “One Chance for Every Person” is what our mission work calls this assignment!  The Church recognizes that the only “assignment” given it is to make disciples of all nations. According to God’s word, Jesus Christ will not return until the gospel is preached to all the world as a witness to all nations. (Matt 24:14) Every nation, tribe, people and language will be represented in the blood-washed Church of Jesus Christ; (Rev 7:9). Its time!  If you like to become a pioneer church or opening a pioneer school.  Call (800) 745 1332 or click here for more information.