Transform World Celebration Challenge

"Trumpet Call"  Facilitators


Facilitators for the Trumpet Call Challenge and Mission:

Frederic and Susan Rowe, Bakersfield, CA
Frederic and Susan Rowe are physicians by trade, but have worked locally, statewide and into the nations heeding their call to intercessory worship in the spirit of the tabernacle of David for the past two decades.  Having had an open vision of the events of 9/11 in October, 2000, their call to Amos 9:11 has been confirmed and intensified over the years. Their journey has taken them from establishing a prayer room locally to connect with others statewide, into the City of David, Jerusalem, the Middle East, and into nations.  Susan has authored books,  The Amos 9:11 Call: Apprehending Heaven in Tumultuous Times, detailing the biblical, historical, and prophetic foundations for this emerging move of God and When Mercy Triumphs over Judgment.  They have also published a study guide Foundations for Houses of Prayer for building and sustaining healthy houses of prayer.  Fred works extensively with troubled youth to build bridges into effectual lifestyles.  Susan has a degree in Music and Science, her Master’s in ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. They have three wonderful sons all serving the Lord.  They have a deep calling to equip and unite the body of Christ in intercessory worship and prayer, prophetic, revelatory teaching and have extensive experience in leading corporate worship/prayer in multi-varied environments and cultures.  God has used them to ignite hearts towards intimacy with God, the import of ongoing corporate prayer and worship in cities and regions, deliverance, reconciliation between people groups, and healing.  They are facilitating the “Celebration” Challenge for Transform World with focus on building and connecting houses of prayer in the nations.

Regional Facilitators:  These facilitators are serving to build and connect houses in their regions and/or serve as key representatives for larger house of prayer streams. 

Jenny Hagger, Adelaide, Australia is the Founder and Director of Australian House of Prayer for All Nations – a worship, prayer, research and networking centre that trains and equips intercessors throughout Australia.  Established in 1990 the ministry often operates in the hidden place, with intercessors going out on 
strategic prayer assignments locally, nationally and internationally.  Teams are also regularly involved in key reconciliation initiatives.  Jenny carries a prophetic/apostolic breakthrough anointing and her passion is to encourage others to come into the freedom of Davidic worship and intimacy with the Lord.
     Jenny has been instrumental in AHOPFAN establishing three houses of prayer.  The main centre is in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, and houses their Strategic Research Centre and administration office, as well as their main prayer room.  They have an extensive library of over one thousand books and relevant teaching material, as well as spiritual mapping reports collated from prayer assignments covering twenty four years.
     The second house of prayer is the Lighthouse Prayer Tower established in 2001 in the heart of the city, where a broad representation across the Seven Mountains meet on two hourly shifts to intercede.
The third house of prayer is being established in a former motel on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, purchased in 2011.  Kangaroo Island is a key spiritual gateway being the first place of non-convict European settlement in Australia and the first place of European settlement in South Australia.
In 1992 God’s call on the ministry was to practically bless the nations and so Mission World Aid was birthed as the mercy ministry of AHOPFAN.  Since that time 133 shipping containers of aid have been sent to the poorest of the poor in 25 underdeveloped nations.
     Jenny has a heart to encourage others to develop their houses of prayer and she networks with prayer leaders across the South Pacific regions.
She and her husband Brian pastor Zion Hill Christian Community in Adelaide.  Contact

Jamie Pryor:  Kaleen, Australia; Director Unity College Australia; Canberra Prayer Council
I am married to Jillian and we have three teenage/adult daughters.  I am currently Director of Unity College Australia a role that I have held for the last 13 years.  Our college is involved in a wide range of vocational training from Bible College, Worship and Creative arts training and a wide variety of marketplace training.  We also run partner campuses around Australia and are developing overseas projects at this time. 
I also Coordinate various groups in our city including:
  • The Canberra Christian Leadership Network which comprises pastors and leaders of marketplace ministries from around Canberra and
  • The Canberra Prayer Council which covers strategic prayer leaders from around Canberra
  • a group of key worship facilitators and leaders from around Canberra
In addition I participate in and  or coordinate various gatherings of national leaders with a particular focus in city transformation and/or prayer.  I am also Chairman of Prayerhouse Ministries Australia which has a vision to establish Houses of Prayer in Australia.  I have been a advisor to the establishment of Canberra House of Prayer which is strategically located very close to our National Parliament.  I have also been on two major prayer journeys in recent years in areas of strategic spiritual warfare.  I am also a musician and worship leader.  I am also the South Pacific regional facilitator for Transform World. Contact

Rev Roy J Funu, Solomon Islands, Melanesia
Roy Funu is a Solomon Islander missionary serving God in Australia for 26 years. Has established an 'IHOP-Linking the Islands' as a Prayer-Hub for the five Melanesian nations namely; Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the two western nations Australia & New Zealand. I hope to establish and launch national Houses of Prayer in each of those nations. 'Solomon Islands House of Prayer' was the first one launched in July 2013 in Honiara. Now researching into establishing a 'Melanesian Centre for World Missions' in Brisbane.

Sheldon and Kathleen Kidwell; Burn 24/7; Cape Town, South Africa:
We have been married for 12 years this October with two young children and live in Muizenberg, Cape Town. I recently was called to pastor The Bay Community Church.  It started in 1993.  I joined my father and came on staff in 2008 after 14 years in the corporate world. I have a passion to see people experience the freedom of His presence in worship and fully believe in the power of the Spirit and the work He performs to transform and empower his people as we advance His Kingdom.  I got involved with The Burn 24/7 in 2009 when Sean Feucht first came to South Africa. This vehicle has been used to mobilize unity among churches in this nation along with the mandate of Amos 9:11.  Sheldon serves as a key link to the Burn 24/7 movement.  

Heajeong Kim; Izmir House of Prayer; Izmir, Turkey:
Jinjae and Haejeong Lee are from Korea serving in Turkey since 2000.  We have been full-time workers with YWAM for 24 years. We established the House of Prayer with local churches in Ankara, Turkey from 2005 to 2011. In 2011 sensing the spirit of God and an invitation from the churches, we moved to Izmir, Turkey, to establish a new House of Prayer with local churches. The House of Prayer in Izmir has received donations from around the world to purchase a building. The dedication of the House of Prayer in Izmir was on March 17, 2012 led by Rick Ridings from Succat Hallel HOP in Jerusalem. People from Isaiah 19 countries and as far as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and America attended the dedication. Contact

Yannick Billioux, Brittany France:
My name is Yannick Billioux and I live in France, in the west part called Brittany. I have been a worship leader for 20 years and I’m an associate leader of a church called Face to Face, church established in September 2012 and also leader of a house of prayer in Rennes, Brittany called, "La porte du Ciel," (door of Heaven). I'm married and have 3 children. In my ministry, I work with Christians of all denominations and styles to lead them in worship, teaching, encouragement during biblical conventions, services, youth camps and other times of worship. I have the privilege to travel to several countries to teach, share the Father's love, worship in conference or area to release the kingdom of God. I had the opportunity in 2007 to create a CD of worship called « Grace » and it's a mix between Celtic and pop music. I have the project to create another cd of live worship the coming months. I'm involved as associate leader in a worship leaders/intercessors network called « France on Fire » and our vision is to establish altars of worship, prayer houses throughout France and motivate people to be encounters of the presence of God. Leading worship alone or with other musicians, my vision is to see the kingdom of God proclaimed during times of worship and preaching, encourage prophetic worship, share the Father’s Love, encourage a new reformation, see unity between Christians and see a 24/7 worship on the nations... Contact

Elviere Dieny: Geneva, Switzerland
Originally from France, she's one of the founders and the present leader of the House of Prayer in Geneva hosted by the Church of l'Oratoire where she is the youth pastor. She has worked for several years in a vision for transformation of individuals and communities through the ministry "Tikkoun" (hebrew word for restoration). As a worship leader , she's also a committee member for "France in Fire."  Her heart is to see the Lord's presence dwelling in the cities and the nations to bring healing, justice, peace and joy!  Contact

Shady and Ruth Abadir; IHOP-KC, leader of Arab IHOPKC, Kansas City, MO:
Shady Abadir is from Alexandria, Egypt. He currently lives in Kansas City with his wife, Ruth, their 2 daughters, Eliana and Havyn , and son, Josiah.  Shady serves as Director of the Arabic and Middle East Ministries at IHOPKC, focused on serving Arabic and Farsi speakers both within the U.S. and the nations of the Middle East.
       In July of 1995, the Lord called Shady, a medical school student, into full time ministry, indicating that there would be a 10-year period of preparation. The Lord confirmed this call on the 24th of July, 1997, and again the following year on the same exact date.
       In March, 2005, serving as a physician in the military, the Lord spoke to Shady while praying at a small altar he had built in the desert where he was stationed, saying “Prepare the Church for my coming.” Just months later, Shady embarked on a journey of faith, starting with an internship at IHOPKC. The issuing date for Shady’s visa was the 24th of July, 2005 - 10 years to the day! It was only later that the Lord indicated that this date actually foreshadowed a significant part of His calling: seeing 24/7 prayer and worship sanctuaries established in the nations in preparation for the Lord’s return. 

Other Middle East leaders are helping facilitate the Transform World efforts in the Middle East but for security sake will not be identified. 

Specialized House of Prayer Facilitators 

Children's Houses of Prayer and Ministries: 
Pastor Tety Irwin:  Jakarta, Indonesia

Pastor GBI Salt and Light Community Church (SLCC);  Coordinator Mission Prayer Mobilizer of the Indonesia People’s Network (IPN); Advisor National Children Prayer Network (JDA) Indonesia; Core member 4/14 movement Indonesia; International Facilitator of Children in Prayer International (CiP-IPC).                              
      Calling and Ministry:  Pastoring the church; Mission prayer mobilizer in Indonesia; teaching, mobilizing adults, young people and children to pray in Indonesia and many nations. Contact

Dr. Myung Whan (Johann) Kim, The founder of New Praise Support Society, Seoul South Korea/Cambodia
Born in 1959 in Seoul, Korea, Kim studied to be a dentist, but God called him to be church music composer. And obeying this divine calling, he studied composition in Wien, Austria, earned Master of Arts degree there with receiving several composition awards, and taught music at various institutes including the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in KY, USA for years where he earned his doctoral degree in church music composition. In order to be theologically prepared for this crucial task, Kim completed Master of Divinity in worship, became ordained worship pastor, served Vine Street Baptist Church in Louisville, KY for seven years, who eventually sent him as missionary to Cambodia in 2012.
He composed many hymn arrangements and published many music scores especially for children and youth, so that they could praise God with diverse repertoire. Experiencing spirituality and artistry in his works, those who practice them gradually learn of the gospel truth as well as the beauty of God. For him, praise music is like the temple of God, for the Bible says that God dwells in the praises of Israel (Ps 22:3). He even published an extensive church music theory book "Temple of Praise" in Korean language, which later was translated in Chinese and published in China. He is sure that God who dwells in the praises of children and youth will touch their soul and bless them.  Contact

Medical and Health Care Houses of Prayer
Ken and Roslyn Curry, Sydney, Australia
 Ken and Ros founded Health Care in Christ in 1979 & have been journeying with the Lord in encouraging & inspiring Christian health care workers to serve the Lord in their work. Our passion is to see health care transformed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. To that end, we have been working with other Christian health care organizations in Australia and globally to facilitate prayer and intercession. We have set up a House of Prayer for health care in our home. We are building an online facility that will enable 24/7 prayer for health care with people participating globally. One of our aims is to work with other organizations to develop, teach and practice Biblical health care and to see His transforming power in the health care workplace.  We will see the Lord glorified as He transforms each health care worker to be His hands and feet in health care.  Contact

Advisory Council:
John Dawson:  President, YWAM;  founder International Reconciliation Coalition
Daniel Lim:  CEO International House of Prayer, Kansas City
Rick Ridings:  Founder, Succat Hallel, Jerusalem
John Robb:  International Prayer Coalition, World Prayer Assembly