The Amos 911 Call:  Apprehending Heaven in Tumultuous Times, Susan Rowe, MD
9/11 represented a "set time" in history. It's redemptive call is in a parallel scripture, Amos 9:11...a call to restore intercessory worship in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. This book will take you on a journey into the heart of an emerging move of God that is transforming lives, communities, and even nations to "Prepare the way!"  To order click here.

When Mercy Triumphs over Judgment:  Crossing over into Kingdom Authority,  Susan Rowe, MD
Have you encountered disheartening misunderstanding, criticism, rejection, or even betrayal by others, even Christians or those close to you? If this is you, consider yourself earmarked by God for His purpose. Find out how you can apprehend God's heart in the midst of trials and cross over into Kingdom authority.  To order click here.

Living Fully for the Fulfillment of Isaiah 19,  Tom Craig
What do current events in the Middle East have to do with the Kingdom of God-and why should believers care? Why should anyone care? Fresh from the "prophetic Scriptures" emerge ancient answers to modern-day questions that affect all people worldwide. Understanding the prophecy in Isaiah 19 brings sense to the seemingly nonsensical conflicts plaguing that vital region of the world. The Lord is preparing to propel Egypt onto a turbulent course of divine confrontation and spiritual breakthrough, leading to the entire nation of surviving Egyptians becoming worshippers of the Lord-and flowing into the other nations of the Middle East including Israel-"a blessing in the midst of the earth" (Isaiah 19:24). The culmination of these events will unite three revered and historic enemies in worship of the One True God-resulting in a blessing to the whole earth and establishing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!  To order click here

The Endtime Worship Army;  Chris Humphrey
WORSHIP UNLOCKS THE EVERLASTING GATES FOR THE KING OF GLORY TO COME INTO CITIES AND NATIONS! We are living in one of the greatest hours in human history. God is raising up an army that He has destined to usher in the second coming of His Son Jesus Christ. While much of the modern world is living in the turmoil and uncertainty of perilous economic times, this army is arising from the altars of worship, carrying a lovesick heart for their Bridegroom Jesus Christ. This End Time Worship Army will play a key role in the last days while the Lord is covering the Earth with His glory! In this book, Chris Humphrey takes us through a powerful scriptural journey in the life of true worshipers. Jesus revealed to the woman at the well that the Father is seeking true worshipers--ones who worship in Spirit and in truth. This book is an in-depth look into the heart of the Father and what He is looking for in His worshipers. From his own personal journey to the lives of key biblical examples, Chris reveals the army of true worshipers that is filling the earth today. May these pages fill you with revelation of the beauty of Jesus to ignite a heart of worship within you to join this End Time Army.  To order click here.

The Feasts of The Lord: A Prophetic Calendar;  Jill Shannon
This powerful prophetic book shows you how the Feasts of Israel point to the Lord Jesus and the destiny He has prepared for all humankind. A Prophetic Calendar presents the biblical feasts as a mural of God's ageless desire to draw all people to Him.
In this intimate invitation, you are provided in-depth biblical teaching and fresh prophetic understanding that beautifully links the Old and New Testaments and you to His divine plan for the ages. The feasts foreshadow the ministry of Jesus the Messiah and give a unique revelation of His redemptive purposes - past, present, and future.  To order click here.

Booklets and Study Guide:  

Why a Prayer Watch?   Susan and Frederic Rowe,
Booklet describes the essentials of a prayer watch with biblical and historical foundations. From the Upper Room, and throughout history, God is calling his people to be watchmen, "Watch therefore, you do not know the hour when I come,"  Mark 13:33,35.  Today as times intensify, God is calling His people into alertness to prepare the way for an awakened and ready bride. To order click here.  

Spirit of the Tabernacle of David Rising, by Frederic and Susan Rowe
We are living in unprecedented times of spiritual acceleration. In the midst of conflict and rising darkness, light is rising. The beauty of His church, His bride, is shining through. God is drawing His people together to seek His face. Casting every hindrance aside, corporate expressions of praise and worship are emerging over the face of the globe. Carrying the creative nature of God and the cultures in which they rise, these corporate expressions reflect a grassroots movement to "Prepare the Way!" To order click here. 

Study guide:  Foundations for Houses of Prayer,  Susan and Frederic Rowe, MD
In these challenging times, God is moving to restore corporate intercessory worship in the spirit of the tabernacle of David as Amos 9:11 relays, "On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, and repair its damages...and rebuild it as in the days of old." It is emerging throughout the globe and becoming increasingly vital to an effectual Christian walk and Kingdom advance. As a complementary addition to the present-day church, this corporate call to prayer and worship is propelling the body of Christ into its finest hour. This study-guide relays key biblical, historical, and practical foundations to build healthy corporate prayer and worship environments to advance God's Kingdom with transforming power for our individual lives, cities, and nations to "Prepare the way!"  To order click here.


Israel has always been an important prayer target for the house of prayer "Chiesa di Palmi" situated in Italy, whose choir "Corale de Palmi" has just released "Yerushalaim," the 4th album sung entirely in Hebrew. This collection of Jewish songs had a strong impact in one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe, that of Rome. Through this album you can feel the intense love of the choir for Israel and his prayer for full restoration of God's people.  
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